Raw Stone Identification

Raw Stone Identification

Raw Stone Identification


A stone is often a piece of rock. It is really a mass of hard, compacted mineral. The word "stone" also identifies natural rock like a material, especially a building material. A Natural stone used as building material include granite, marble and sandstone. Manufactured, artificial products, like concrete or clay bricks, are not stone.

Stone requires a while to get hot, and stays hot for quite a while. It does not conduct electrical current well

Stone was one of the primary materials used to make tools and buildings. It is a very sturdy material. It is less affected by weather than wood or brick. Depending on the kind of rock, stone weathers away considerably more slowly. A stone inside river is reshaped with the water and sediment flowing around it.

Stones can be used as primitive weapon. Person can throw it at enemy or animal, or use it to produce more damage in hand-to-hand combat.

A stone is larger when compared to a grain of sand, gravel or pebbles. A boulder is an extremely large rock or stone.